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I just want everyone to know how much Muppet was loved and how sweet and playful she was. We are also very heartbroken that she has taken from us so soon. She will never be forgotten.

Jeanne Cole - My Ferals

Muppet- houtskool/ charcoal - 70 x 50 cm

Caransia’s Quanda (Chocolate Point Siamees)

~~ Via deze link naar deel II van Kat In Portret ~~

Deze website en afbeeldingen zijn het beste te bezichtigen op een schermresolutie van 1024 x 768 of 1280 x 1024.  Dit ivm de verhouding van de afbeeldingen.


Souls of Art

Monty is born with chromosome abnormalities (“Feline Down Syndrome”). He was rescued by an awesome cat shelter but overlooked for some time because of his different appearance. When we met him we fell completely in love with him and adopted him without even blinking. We feel like the luckiest cat parents in the world to be loved by such a loving, playful, cute little boy with a mind of a “forever kitten”. This is Monty’s world of Happiness, Welcome!  Michael en Mikala, Danmark

Teeny tiny Molly is so cute that you just want to put her in your pocket and keep her close forever!
Little sister to MontyBoyCat